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Basilisk Games have released the major expansion to their Eschalon: Book II cRPG game.
This expansion is free for those who own/or going to buy Eschalon: Book II, and adds 5-10 hours of gameplay.

Official Announcement
We are pleased to announce the release of the latest update to Eschalon: Book II, version 1.05.
This version contains the add-on adventure The Secret of Fathamurk. Download links can be found in our download section.

More info regarding The Secret of Fathamurk can be found here.

The updates and fixes for version 1.05 can be found here.

Previous Announcement
“This expansion for Eschalon: Book II will add 5-10 hours of new gameplay for fans of the game,” said Thomas Riegsecker, Lead Developer of the Eschalon series. “Better yet, we’re not charging players a dime for it. If you own Eschalon: Book II you will have access to this new content free-of-charge with the 1.05 update.””

Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book II
Official Announcement
Download Section
The Future Of Basilisk Games And Eschalon Updates !
Previous Announcement

Seasons After Fall aka Seasons is a cute 2D platform/puzzle game made with the 3D program Blender.
The game is developed by 2 French people named William and Guillaume who formed an indie company named Swingswing Submarine and made a Cat their boss ;).

Making a 2D game in a 3D program like Blender actually makes a lot of sense.
Blender is not just a modeling program, it offers a game engine, physics engine and a lot of other useful tools for game creation.
Swingswing Submarine keeps a very good, detailed and up-to-date blog which explains to process of “Seasons After Fall” development.
I loved how they show the process of editing a scene in their game using Blender, or the topology of the levels in 3D vs 2D.
There was even one interesting post in which they explain one level they made and the mistakes they’ve done (and fixed).

Seasons after Fall is a puzzle / platform 2D game in which the player, as a wild fox, travels across the countryside, through forests and rivers, taking advantage of the changing seasons.
The player can switch between seasons at any place, any time, and see how it dynamically affects the environment : freeze rivers in winter, grow trees in summer and disperse spores using the wind in autumn.
He can also interacts with other animals : they will help him explore more places and find secret ones thanks to their unique abilities.

Screen shots


Sun Blast is a new 3D arcade space shooter from Oblone software
It features 3 spaceships to choose from, fast arcade battles, addictive gameplay, great music and loads of enemies to kill !
It costs only $10 for now, and you get all the versions at the price of one – yes, even the PC-BSD version !

Two enemy races launch a devastating attack, foretelling the end of our world!
The only chance for survival is to seek and destroy all enemy starships, which are the main threat.
You will choose the ship that best suits your needs and begin the adventure of your life.
Prepare for combat!


  • Fast-paced arcade space shooter
  • Mesmerizing visuals
  • Top-quality music and sound effects
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Three main ships to choose from, each with unique look and behavior
  • Lots of enemy spaceships to destroy
  • Gigantic starships with powerful weapons, ready to blow up anything that moves
  • Two enemy races to fight against
  • Memorable battlefields, ranging from planet orbits to underground tunnels and infested military bases
  • Multiple challenges with unlimited play time and medal award system
  • Clean power-up system for weapon upgrades and shield
  • Hall of fame, the place to be for best pilots
  • Screenshots


    Thanks to Rustybolts from the GamingOnLinux Forums for letting us know of this game.

    This post was written by Erlend Sogge Heggen from the jMonkeyEngine team.

    Greetings fellow GNU/Linux gamers!
    A few days back I got in touch with your very own Maxim Bardin, asking if maybe he could help me promote the game development suite jMonkeyEngine’s participation in the PacktPub Open Source Awards.
    Maxim kindly obliged, and invited me to do a guest posting on this site, so here I am.

    So what’s jMonkeyEngine ?

    My first draft of this guest post actually turned into our new introduction, so I’ll leave you with that for the basics.
    To answer from a different angle; it’s the game engine that powers games like Mad Skills Motocross and Grappling Hook, which you might have seen linked to on this site already.
    Some other games include Nord, Poisonville (also mentioned) and Urban Galaxy; the last two of which are still in the development stages, but you can play Nord on Facebook any time.

    Key Features

    By now you should realize some of the things jMonkeyEngine is not, like a visual RPG Maker or a finished game with modding capabilities. We only ask for some technical savvy to give you utter freedom in return.

    • jMonkeyEngine is free, open source software, as covered by the New BSD license. Meaning, you are free to do with it as you would like.
    • jMonkeyEngine requires minimal adaptations for cross-compatibility and can sit on top of any OpenGL 2 -ready device running the Java Virtual Machine.
    • jMonkeyEngine is built around a shader based architecture. This ensures excellent compliance with current and next generation graphics standards.
    • jMonkeyEngine’s SDK comes in the form of jMonkeyPlatform, a complete IDE with graphical editors and plugin capabilities.
    • jMonkeyEngine brings game development essentials straight out of the box, yet complete modularity keeps the end-developer in power.

    Who is jMonkeyEngine for ?

    That’s harder. In short, it’s for intermediate Java developers. That being said, jMonkeyEngine can be a starting point for any aspiring 3D games developer; not just Java programmers, but anyone able to adapt to Java programming.
    While the scope of games and 3D technology is huge, jMonkeyEngine wraps all the basics and-then-some in a neat little package for developers to explore step by step. Still, the real power of jME is only limited by the power of OpenGL and your imagination. And these two brought us Jurassic Park and Games like Crysis.

    Why you should care about it

    Simple: It’s as cross-platform as it gets. When developers develop a game using jME, they have got all the reason in the world to make it cross platform, and practically no incentive not to.
    As someone who is passionate about GNU/Linux games and the people who make them, the readers of this blog should make excellent advocates for a GNU/Linux-friendly game development platform such as jMonkeyEngine.

    A note on Ardor3D, the fork

    Maxim asked me to explain Ardor3D; I’m happy to indulge, though I’ll be brief. Ardor3D is a fork of jME2, spearheaded by some of jMonkeyEngine’s original developers.
    They are open source too and they are doing great things for Java game development.
    As a project they differ from us due to their commercial pursuits, which I sincerely commend them for by the way; I’m all for open source business models.
    Technically speaking, I don’t think either project knows the other well enough to make a fair comparison at this point. However, we were always of the opinion that jMonkeyEngine 3 and the ecosystem of developers and projects around it
    has always been more game development oriented from the start.

    A note on Java performance

    Honestly you’re better off doing your own research, and please, hands on testing.
    I’m both biased and unqualified, tech-savvy speaking. I’ll just say this: Bad programming can hurt performance in
    any programming language. I believe the only thing separating Java from the likes of C++ for high-performance game development at this point is developer adoption, not a technical divide.
    I believe the more experienced Java developers realize they now have the tools to apply their skills to the exciting field of game development, the sooner the old performance myth of Java will seize to exist.

    Still reading? Please vote!

    Love jMonkeyEngine – vote at PacktPub

    And be sure to try jMonkeyEngine

    Thanks Erlend Sogge Heggen for writing about jMonkeyEngine.

    Last month the Ubuntu Gamer went live.
    This website writes about games that run on Ubuntu, even the non-native games that require Wine.
    I personally dislike the the “distribution wars” that we can see in many places on the web.
    All of the games that are published on the Ubuntu Gamer website can run on almost any other GNU/Linux distribution out there.
    But nonetheless this website is a welcome addition to our GNU/Linux community.

    It offers (or will offer) :

    • The latest gaming news, videos and screenshots
    • Game and hardware reviews
    • Editorial pieces about gaming on Ubuntu, and more widely, Linux
    • Downloads for free games
    • Special offers and competitions
    • Discounts on paid games

    So go ahead and add Ubuntu Gamer to your GNU/Linux Gaming News list .

    The free as beer PvP MMORPG Regnum Online recently got a major balance update.

    Great Balance Update!

    We are happy to announce that after months of hard work, we have finalized a complete re-balance of all of the classes in Regnum Online. This is the biggest gameplay update since we launched invasions.

    The Balance Update represents much clearer definition of the game’s playable classes, as offensive classes (Barbarians, Warlocks and Marksmen) will be able to inflict more damage, defensive classes (Knights, Conjurers and Hunters) now have more versatility, allowing users to customize their characters into a support setup or prepare them for a more offensive role.

    New Server Hardware, more armor, a better mana recharge system, an improved combat system, new network code. The exciting change list is enormous, if you want to see it in detail follow this link

    About Regnum Online
    Regnum Online is a FREE TO PLAY (F2P) MMORPG inviting you to play with no level or time restrictions. All that is required is that you fight for your realm.

    – Regnum offers 3 realms to choose from.
    – 9 fully customizable player characters.
    – An ever expanding number of quests.
    – The ability to capture forts and castles.
    – Expansive lands to explore.
    – Glorious graphical environments in DirectX and OpenGL.
    – Support for Windows and Linux platforms.
    – Premium content is available for enhanced game play.



    The changelog is huge :
    Version: 1.6.3 (Date: 2010/9/21)

    New character progression system

    Now all characters start with their powers at level 0 more power points have been included to compensate. No more level 1 freebies, there is a more clear trade of between specializing or having a more varied configuration.

    New network code / Positioning system

    The new network code should provides a smoother experience and adds a lag compensation technique to minimize phantom swings.

    Animations and effects
    •    New reviving animation
    •    New casting animation for mass resurrection
    •    New casting animation for Precise Block
    •    Many new spell visual effects

    Game World
    •    New location for Trelleborg’s Save
    •    Increased slope for Algaros mountain
    •    Redesigned Thorkul’s mountain to increase Alsius playable area in the warzone
    •    New graphics for Golems, Zombies Liches and Imps

    Combat System – Attack
    •    Damage re-balance for all classes to increase duration of fights.
    •    Attack speed formula changed from minus time to plus speed Warrior Attack speed general increase.
    •    Archer increase in Range: all bows range is increased by 5m
    •    Lower ranged weapon charge: The time you have to stay still when firing a ranged shot (as an archer or a mage) has been diminished 15% (this means higher attack speed).
    •    New calculation for damage bonuses to make weapon damage bonus work always positively
    •    Redefinition of Damage related bonuses: New damage bonus type called DAMAGE BONUS. This modifier affects ALL of your damage.  The old damage bonus (that only affects the damage produced by the weapon) is now called WEAPON DAMAGE BONUS
    •    New Critical calculation: We have implemented a more elegant system for calculating chances of critical hits. Critical related spells numbers have been changed for the new system. The new values have been designed to have a BIGGER impact on your chances of critical hits. Critical hit chance is now represented as a % of hits.
    •    New Hit chance/Evasion calculation: We have adjusted some values and given more weight to character stats and weapons stats than character level. This means that some spells related to evasion and hit chance will have a stronger effect. Balance to these spells (mostly buffs) will be done at a future stage.
    •    Evasion, damage resists and spell resists for normal looking mobs have been decreased

    Combat system – Defense

    •    Armor performance increase in general for all classes.
    •    Armor class factor working as intended: we increased the armor factor for all classes but now each class has a different armor factor. From more to less armor this is the order: Knights, barbarian, Marksman, Hunter, Warlock, Conjurer.
    •    New armor formula for Damage Over Time.
    •    Health increase for all classes
    •    A short immunity to crowd control of the same type was added after the effect to provide some chance of counter action.
    •    Base evasion and spell resistance reduced.
    Combat System – Spells
    •    Casting speed formula changed from minus time to plus speed
    •    New Mana regeneration scheme
    Mana regeneration is now different per class: Warriors regenerate faster than archers who regenerate faster than Mages. Also, warriors regenerate a little bit faster while in combat. Archers regenerate a little bit faster while out of combat mode. Mana regeneration for mages is the same as before as they have tools to steal and/or generate mana.
    •    Global Cool down now varies per spell
    •    Re-designed Summon tree
    We always wanted summons to be different than just pets. At last we had the time to tackle this issue. Summons should be cast during combat to change the tide of battle (not as a pet), Summons should be different, All summons are usable at level 50.
    •    Bonus Speed reduction in the whole game: we are removing the multiple speed bonus options on archers and hunters. Hunters will keep a passive natural higher speed. We are making warriors faster (by using buffs)
    •    Hunters and pets change: We are trying to make hunters specialize between the rogue/assassin and ranger archetypes. So, if you want to camouflage yourself you will lose your pet.
    •    Summons cannot be healed anymore

    •    Onslaught: Moved to a common warrior discipline, it does not affect its caster anymore does not affect caster anymore to make this spell into an RVR support spell.

    •    Taunt: Improved functionality
    •    Shield Wall changed to instant cast, increased protection in all levels (70% at level 5), and duration reduced to 10 seconds (Mana reduced in all levels)
    •    Stars Shield changed to instant cast, increased protection in all levels (70% at level 5), and duration reduced to 10 seconds (mana reduced in all levels)
    •    Heroic Presence: Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds. Cast time reduced to 1.5 seconds. Protection reduced 40% – 80% from level 1 to 5. Mana reduced to 320 – 400 from level 1 to 5.
    •    Army of One: changed for a more tactical use. Duration Reduced to 15 seconds in all levels. Cooldown 50 seconds. Mana Cost 220 to 300. Removed Evasion penalty.
    •    New spell: Intimidate: Slows opponent at range 12m: 6 to 10% from 6 to 10 seconds from level 1 to 5. Cooldown 6 seconds mana cost 50/110.
    •    Rigorous Preparation: Merged with Awareness. Critical reduction increased to -10 to -18%.
    •    New Spell: Defensive stance: 200% armor bonus, -90% damage bonus, no mana cost.
    •    New Spell: Offensive Stance: Damage Bonus 5% to 25% (values to be adjusted) Armor bonus -95%. Evasion -100%, no mana cost.
    •    New Spell: Protect Ally: Dispels Crowd control effects of an ally and a chance to heal for a small amount of health.  Level 1 stun and a 30% chance of 100 health points. Level 2 stun, Freeze and a 45% and a chance of 100 health points. Level 3 stun, Freeze, Dizzy and a 60% chance of 100 health points. Level 4 stun, Freeze, Dizzy, Knock Down and an 80% chance of 100 health points. Dispels All and a 100% chance of 100 health points
    •    New Precise Block and animation: New precise block allows a knight to block everything from 1 to 5 seconds without being able to move and/or attack, no casting time. Mana cost 50 in all levels (it’s like holding up your shield yourself)
    •    Block modification: changed from a passive to an active spell. 100% more chances of blocking (this means twice as your base blocking) in every level. 12 to 25 seconds. Cooldown 50 seconds. No casting time. Mana cost: 60-140.

    •    Rage of the Earth arch increased from 25° to 45°
    •    Spring moved to the Warcries discipline. Cool down halved to 25 seconds, bonus speed slightly reduced (5- 25%)
    •    Unstoppable Madness: Duration reduced to 10 seconds in all levels. New resistance added: cannot attack. Resistance levels adjusted to 40% to 90% from level 1 to 5. Mana reduced to 220-300. Cooldown reduced to 40 seconds.
    •    New Spell: Fulminating: Damage Bonus 15% in level 1 – 70% in level 5. Duration 5 seconds.

    •    Mobility: speed bonus reduced (2- 10%)
    •    Son of the wind: removed speed bonus
    •    Parabolic shot: duration increased to 15-30 seconds. Range reduced 20 to 25%.
    •    Escapist: changed to a new skill that provides high evasion. Mana: 200-320 – duration: 7-15s – cooldown: 60s. because of the changes to evasion formula Escapist value has been adjusted to 500 evasion points in every level (remember that this value is affected by passive spell and dodge).
    •    Modified: Arrow prices have been lowered

    •    Wild Spirit: speed bonus diminished (2-7%)
    •    Camouflage: remove speed penalties (The hunter is now able to cast certain buffs while camouflaged)
    •    New Spell: Cold Blood, a short and powerful damage buff
    •    SOTW: mana reduced: 260-420. Cooldown 80s
    •    Low Profile: added casting time 0.5 (as our other sanctuary spells) duration reduced 4-10s. Cool down reduced to 60s. Mana cost reduced to 180-260.
    •    Sentinel: added +1-5 Dexterity points (besides its usual Concentration bonus)
    •    New Spell Death sentence. Changed for an assist spell for RVR battles. This spell is designed to assist warriors. Increase of melee damage 5% 20%, Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    •    New Spell for hunters: Reveal Enemy. Allows a Hunter to interrupt the effect of camouflage, Stalker Surroundings , and camouflage corps. Duration 15-50 seconds. Cooldown 20 seconds. Mana 200-300.
    •    Enhanced Stalker Surroundings: Now caster and his allies can move with a reduced speed of 40%. Allies loose the effect if they get 10 meters away from caser for a period of 5 seconds.
    •    Natural Armor: Protection reduced to 10% to 30%.
    •    Stalker surrounding and camouflage: You can now see your camouflaged allies.

    •    New Marksmen spell instead of Dead Sentence called Dead Eye: Damage Bonus 5%-15% with a reduction of Attack speed of 20% in every level. Duration: 20 seconds.
    •    Winter Stroke: increased range to 35m.
    •    Foresight: ranged increased to 10 to 20% from level 1 to 5

    •    Arcane Devotion: 100% casting time at level 5 to compensate for change in casting time formula

    •    Sultar’s Terror: Variable knockdown duration Splash Damage Nerf
    •    Soul Keeper: Same drain changed so it drains in 10 rounds of 100HP (1 second per round). Cannot be cast on mobs.


    •    Force armor: duration increased to 60 seconds Cooldown increased to 70s. Protection reduced to 10-30%
    •    Steel Skin: Resistance Bonus reduced to 50%-70% from level 1 to 5
    •    Heal Ally: Heals 5% to 12%. Mana cost reduced to 50-145. Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
    •    New Spell: (Ranged) Greater healing Cast time 3 seconds. Cooldown 2 minutes
    •    New Spell: Life Savior
    •    Mana communion moved to Mana control: to help support configurations
    •    New Summon Discipline that offers the possibility of playing with different types of summons: attack summons (imps and zombies), assist summons (lich and zarkit) pet summons Golems.
    •    Friendly Shielding cool down reduced from 90 seconds to 25 seconds
    •    Sorcery discipline changes: Material wall and magic barrier are moved to sorcery in replacement of Tremor (removed) and Mirage (removed).
    •    New spell: Life Savior: heals 20% to 60% of health from level 1 to 5. Mana cost: 240 to 400. Cooldown 60 seconds. Casting Time 3 seconds.
    •    New Spell Mass resurrection: 5%-50% chance from level 1 to 5 of reviving everyone within a radius of 6 meters. Cooldown 4 minutes. Cast time: 5 seconds. Manna cost: 400-800.
    •    New summons: Imps, Zombies and Golems

    •    Quests involving interaction with animals: interaction now is successful.
    •    Price of items: now it’s calculated correctly.

    •    Updated: mounts English descriptions.
    •    New: Change Horns Color.
    •    New: Change Horns Color (Exotic).
    •    New: Beard Dye.
    •    New: Beard Dye (Exotic).

    And lots of bugfixes.

    Regnum Online
    Full Huge Changelog

    Lukewarm Media, The developers of Primal Carnage The dinosaur FPS I’ve wrote about have decided to change engine.
    Instead of the beautiful Unigine they have moved to the free as beer UDK (Unreal Development Kit).
    As UDK doesn’t support GNU/Linux, and the UT3 port failed due to unknown reasons, a GNU/Linux port to Primal Carnage seems unlikely.
    Lukewarm Media explain that the engine change was made due to the poor support of it’s developers Unigine Corp, but some people disagree.

    Please note that the quotes are in no particular order

    Lukewarm Media Announcement (From Mr.Veo ) :
    Due to a change in engines, from Unigine to the UDK, Primal Carnage will not be available as a Linux game. This was never the original intention, but it is the one unfortunate side effect in the otherwise good decision to move the game to the UDK. Additional reasons will be provided in the posts below.

    The first number of posts in this topic have been pulled from the UDK announcement topic, which had become overwhelmed by the Linux rage/debate. If anyone wishes to discuss the matter further (though there is little point in discussing it) do so here, and not there.

    Thank you.

    AshtonAndersen From Lukewarm Media wrote :
    Making a game is not easy, especially if you have no funding or resources, we tried our very best to work with unigine, however unigine is a un-finished engine and stopped giving us support. We were having a lot of trouble trying to keep our team together as well as recruiting people who would be willing to learn that tool set. We switched to the UDK because it gives this game a greater opportunity and much bigger chance of success and gives us the option to port to psn / xbla and PC. As I have mentioned, we simply were not getting as much support from the linux fanbase to keep the project going on linux.

    It was either we switch engines, or primal carnage never gets done. We decided to switch engine.

    I’m very sorry but it’s not fair to be mad at us, you can blame unigine for not supporting our project.

    But a Unigine Corp employee nicked binstream thinks differently :
    Well, that’s something new to know. What about the following help from Unigine side:

    * Full license for the engine free of charge
    * Promotion of Primal Carnage on Unigine official booth at GDC (however, you claimed somewhere that it was YOUR booth :shock:)
    * Tickets to GDC for Primal Carnage team
    * Free DirectX 11 hardware for the team
    * Industry contacts, including AMD and NVIDIA
    * Linux publicity
    * Donation for your hosting payments
    * Detailed PC build reviews with improvement suggestions
    * Direct support from our CTO

    If this is called “not giving support” so I’m definitely missing something.

    “I have nothing bad to say about Unigine. You guys have been great. it’s just not working out for us at this stage.” (c) Ashton Andersen, Tuesday 24 August 2010.

    Since the engine IS finished at this stage, our engine team don’t introduce OilRush-related changes to the codebase at all, they are working on further technology improvement and customer feature requests.

    Anyway UDK is a really nice solution, I wish the team good luck with releasing PC in time, you have really talented artists on board.

    As Lukewarm Media are not experienced game developers, and most of their work till date were making mods for existing games this engine was “too hard for them”, UDK was built for FPS games, easier to master and free as beer.

    Many GNU/Linux users contributed to Primal Carnage and now demanding (and getting) their money back – and rightly so.

    rf2 wrote :
    I asked [Ashton] personally in May/Early june about Linux support, because I had my doubts.
    – We’re doing Linux 100%, [ashton] said.
    – Yes it’s under control, [ashton] said.
    – Linux is a very important market for us, [ashton] said.
    [ashton’s] responses made me donate, because I took your(ashton’s) word for it.

    This announcement is basically a big FU and a kick to my face. I have no sympathy for the team, and I hope they utterly fail.

    And I still want my money back!

    But many Windows users still don’t get why the GNU/Linux users want their money back :
    killer-rex :
    “god your selfish u know that take away the money from the devs to make the game good job you people are acting childish”

    linuxuser also comments :
    They were totally cool with accepting donations and advertising Linux support while they knew there would be no Linux version. Thats deceptive to potential donators and customers.
    They could have at least said there would be no more Linux version as soon as they decided to switch, but not revealed why at that time. It would have been much more courteous to us Linux users instead of falsely advertising a service they knew they weren’t going to provide

    Call it whatever you want, but the people asking for a refund donated specifically because of the Linux version.

    The Linux users aren’t the ones to blame if the game doesn’t come out.
    What if the roles were reversed and there would be no more Windows version. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be at least a little bit ticked? Is it okay if they take your money then screw you over?

    And yet there are a few GNU/Linux who don’t want to refund their donation
    b0uncyfr0 :
    I for one donated ONLY because i saw the devs talking about linux support. Now to hear that linux has been tossed out is a big disspoaintment for me. Sure you have your reasons but stringing us along for months with “Something big is coming to the UDK!” which then changes to “Linux is dropped, sorry” is very cruel.

    Some of you guys have to understand that some of us donated ONLY because of linux so venting out is with good reason. And i dont want to hear “ok use windwos then”. Well im sorry but i dont use windows and frankly never will.

    Im not going to ask for my money back but im not supporting this game anymore. Its not your fault as some of you have said and it certainly isnt my fault so ill leave it at that.

    If i were the devs, i would strongly look into getting a linux client from this new engine and delivering something. At the very least, TRY….and give someone back to all the nix community which jumped behind you when this game was announced.

    Cybolic was mad that they didn’t check if it was possible to port UDK games to GNU/Linux before changing the engine and didn’t update their front page about the GNU/Linux version and donations :
    I can understand if the developers don’t have the experience needed to support Linux or other reasons that ends in a situation where they can’t provide support for Linux – what I can’t understand is that this was apparently never even considered an issue, there was no attempt to try to support Linux themselves, no call for help from the community, not even the courtesy to post the news that Linux is no longer supported, and until today the website wasn’t even updated, still telling people that they could donate and that the game would support Linux.
    Even now there is no mention of dropped Linux support on the main page. There’s a big donate button however, and a mention of the Unigine engine supporting Linux on the About page… guess it wouldn’t hurt them if a few more Linux users donated after reading misleading information?

    “When exactly did you ask for help? You started by saying that Linux support wouldn’t happen, not that you needed help. As I said earlier, had you simply asked or even explained the situation (even just mentioned it) you would probably have received offers.”

    AshtonAndersen From Lukewarm Media replys :
    Ok, you made your point we should of been more clear about the linux situation. As it’s something we are still looking into at this time and you’re right, we should of made a proper announcement about it. As of right now we are doing the best we can, we are refunding all linux donators and I have apologized on the teams behalf all ready. I’m not sure what else you expect from us.

    You do not need to continue being on these forums or supporting our project anymore as you made it very clear that you want us to fail, since in it seems that if the linux community can’t have this game then no one should. I give my apologies to you again sir and maybe one day UDK will support linux where we will be able to port our game over. Maybe you can help us do some research to find out how.

    Danni who uses the unigine engine for his own game wrote an interesting comment that sums it all :
    I have dealt with both the primal carnage and unigine teams and after thinking about this for a bit want to weigh in a bit.

    Primal Carnage is a small team and relatively inexperienced. This will be their first title. I can’t believe that they were offering the Linux version with anything but the best of faith. I really can’t fathom why Primal Carnage had so much difficulty with support from Unigine I personally have found them one of the easiest companies to get tech support from. However I have noticed that some of the less technical members of my office have found things less easy and I did find them less responsive while they were doing the PS3 port was around the time that Primal Carnage did need help.

    Unigine is also a young and small team and relatively inexperienced in their field. The engine itself is great. There are quite a few things that it does better than UDK. However the artist tools aren’t really up to the same standard, some subsystems are a bit buggy, and the render system is quite intricate and takes a bit of work to get your head around. Quite a few of the subsystems that come out of the box in UDK have to be handwritten in Unigine.

    In the end I think it comes down to the fact that Primal Carnage don’t have the skillset to make unigine work for them. There are not a lot of people available with Unigine coding skills if they try to get somebody to get somebody into the team with the skills.

    As for UDK being better, industry standard etc. I know a lot of programming teams who have used UDK and regretted it. It works well for some projects and not others. I imagine it will be a good fit for this game however.

    To those complaining about the Linux users being angry. Do a little experiment for me
    . Find a dog, give a bone – then take that bone away.

    I’ve emailed the great GNU/Linux porter Ryan Gordon about the UDK and the UT3 issue, unfortunately he had no answers for me

    LGN :
    Will it be possible to port other UDK games to GNU/Linux ? if not, why ?
    What about the next UDK released (UDK4 for example that is not came out yet) ?

    Ryan :
    UT3 taught me to never comment on anything that isn’t shipping right now. So, sorry, but I have no information about any possible or impossible UDK port.
    LGN :
    The real question is if it would be possible for you to port Primal Carnage to GNU/Linux or it’s hopeless ?
    If there is a chance for you (or any other porter) to port a UDK game to Linux then we can still have hope, but if the problem is in the licensing and bureaucracy of the engine itself – then it’s a whole different issue.

    Ryan :
    I don’t have any answers for any given title, or the UDK itself.
    Seriously, I don’t talk about Unreal at all anymore.

    Ryan didn’t say a definite “No” at least, so maybe some other game porter (Frank Earl, if you are reading this – please consider the possibility to port this game to our beloved platform) could try and port Primal Carnage to GNU/Linux.
    Although UT3 port failed I suspect it wasn’t a technological issue but a license/bureaucracy related (the port was almost finished waiting for it’s release if you recall).

    Thanks Christian Dannie Storgaard aka Cybolic for letting me know about this issue.

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