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The GNU/Linux friendly company Winter Wolves has released a demo of squeal to Vera Blanc: Full Moon which is a manga inspired heavy dialog mystery detective game.
Vera Blanc Episode 2 “Ghost In The Castle” demo is now out and you can download it from here.

From the blogpost :

The second episode of Vera Blanc, “Ghost In The Castle”, is officially out. To find more about it, just visit the game official page at
This time, Vera must investigate a mysterious ghost that is haunting a old castle in the italian town of Bargi. It’s the ghost real or is a myth? is Roberto Anastasi, the man who hired you for this case, hiding something? why Eva and the Master are still following you?

You’ll find answers to all those questions in the second and for now last episode. As I said before, it’s very unlikely that a 3rd chapter of the game will be released in this format, since the production costs are much higher than those of a traditional visual novel, but maybe next year something might change. I would like to make a “real adventure game” based on Vera Blanc character since I think would be perfect for that kind of game.

Imagine something similar to those good old Lucasfilm adventures with many puzzles to solve, less texts to read, and maybe a fully voiced version.

However, first need to finish several other projects I’ve started (many RPGs and otome games) and then next year we’ll see. Meanwhile, if you like the games I’m producing, and if you like the character of Vera Blanc, please buy the game and spread the word so the chances of having a 3rd great episode will increase

So for now, au revoir Vera Blanc. Hopefully she’ll come back next year in a completely new gameplay system, and why not, maybe with a more manga-oriented style!

You can buy each part for $20 or both parts at $34

Thanks mateo for bringing those great news to LGN.


Winter Wolves
Official Vera Blanc Website
Vera Blanc Episode 2 “Ghost In The Castle” Blogpost
Vera Blanc Section At The Winter Wolves Website
Vera Blanc Episode 2 “Ghost In The Castle” Demo
Forum Thread About The Demo

LGN’s friend GamingOnLinux aka GOL has opened a new GNU/Linux Gaming Forum which is something that we never had before.
Sure, almost every GNU/Linux distribution forum has a gaming section, but it’s usually more about gaming problems that happen to users with that specific distro and rarely about news or general gaming discussion.
We also have the very good FreeGameDev Forums, but it’s goals are different – it’s only for free software and it’s oriented towards the developers and FOSS gaming projects.

So I’m really hoping that the new general gaming forum will become a success, to “help you register and be productive” GOL made 2 more contests (the 1st one is over) :
1. The first user to reach 50 posts will win a full retail copy of Eschalon Book 2 !!! (ended)
2. On September the 25th GOL will choose a random regular posting member of the forum to win Amnesia : The Dark Descent .

So with those prizes, what are you waiting for ?
Register at the forums and start posting !

GNU/Linux Gaming Forum
GOL’s Second Contest : Eschalon Book 2
GOL’s Third Contest : Amnesia : The Dark Descent
Eschalon Book 2
Amnesia : The Dark Descent
FreeGameDev Forums

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been released !
For more information and upcoming contest read here.

Helsingborg, Sweden, 27/8 – 2010

We at Frictional Games are happy to announce that Amnesia: The Dark Descent has gone gold. We are extremely pleased with our creation and cannot wait to unleash our bundle of madness on the 8th of September. We feel that we have taken a giant leap forward compared to our previous games, the Penumbra series.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first person horror game with a focus on immersion. It is a game where atmosphere and story comes first. We hope that the game will be a breeze of fresh air, in a genre otherwise populated by “one-man-army action hero” sagas. In Amnesia you are almost completely defenseless, something we believe not only makes the game a lot scarier, but also gives a vastly different experience.

On the 8th of September, an interactive nightmare where reality is a fragile concept awaits.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

Details – Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Price: $20.
Available: and most major online retailers.
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X & Linux.
Languages: English – with localized text for French, German, Italian & Spanish.
Recommended Computer Specifications:

* Windows XP/Vista/7, OS X 10.5.8/10.6.4 or Linux distribution released in 2010.
* NVIDIA GeForce 6 / ATI Radeon HD.
* 2.0 Ghz CPU.
* 2 GB RAM.
* 2.5 GB Free hard disk space.

LGN’s friend Hamish Paul Wilson has sent us an update about his project :

The Chzo Mythos gets an update; 1213 and Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment are released for Linux

After receiving a generous amount of feedback, I have created an updated build of The Chzo Mythos. Changes included revised documentation as well as the inclusion of libraries, ,, and . This should hopefully solve some issues people were having with the original builds as well as allowing the games to run on more systems. The updated builds took about a day to upload as I was forced to do it over a slow Modem connection, so I seriously hope someone will enjoy the end result of the effort.

Also now available are Linux builds for Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s 1213 series as well as Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment. These games were created as a result of Croshaw’s experiments to explore the capabilities of the AGS engine at creating games in different genres. 1213 is an episodic platformer, while Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment is a take on a space trading game.


Chzo Mythos
1213 series
Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment
AGS engine

Gaming On Linux resumed it’s competition after the failed attempt last time.
LGN and GOL made competitions back then, asking for news/articles – but sadly it didn’t go well for both of us.
LGN had only 1 contender who won by default, and as far a I know GOL had none.
Then LGN made a second competition asking for a new wordpress theme for the website, but none took part in it.

I really am out of good ideas for competitions people would want to take part it, I don’t want to just giveaway games for free like LGP did recently.
I want to make it more interesting.

GOL now has it’s own contest which is more like a giveaway – but it has a very interesting question :
“Why do you think, you deserve to win it ?”
The best answer will get you Osmos, if you still don’t have it by now.
You just need to register and replay on their website.
Note that the competition ends 10PM GMT Wednesday 1st September

I would be interested to read the answers to this question.
I remember back then when HoN gone retail, one person practically begged for a free account on the forums, many people weren’t impressed and made jokes about him – until one rich guy finally gave him a free account (payed for his account).
Did this person deserve to “win” his account ? that’ a real debate, he was poor and couldn’t afford paying $30, but then again maybe if he had $30 he should have found a better use for it then games, and there are many people like him – so why him ?

That’s a real hard question to answer, why you deserve the game – but GOL isn’t serious about it – it’s more like a giveaway.
You don’t really need to convince him why you deserve it for all people, an interesting answer will do.
I’m actually looking forward for next contest, what will the people need to do to win ?
And the stakes are raising as GOL teaming up with LGP to offer bigger prizes for future competitions.

So what competitions would YOU like to see ?
I know I’ve already asked this question before, but there where so little actual ideas that I need to ask again.

PixelLight is a free source, cross platform 3D engine and framework released under LGPL3 and GPL3 licenses.

PixelLight is a cross-platform application framework for any kind of 3D applications like games, interactive simulations or visualizations. It’s based on a highly flexible scene graph system that allows you to compose and visualize any type of 3D scene for your application.
PixelLight is written in C++ and has been designed with flexibility and extensibility as one of it’s main goals. Therefore, it’s not only a 3D engine, but a consistent framework that allows you to combine all the components that you need for your application without having to care about the differences of the actual libraries, APIs or operating systems that you are using. The underlying systems and libraries are abstracted by a powerful reflection and component system, which makes it easier and more effective to create applications for different platforms and target components such as rendering, sound, physics, network, scripting and so on.

Feature List


  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Linux
  • Maemo 5


  • OpenGL render
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 render
  • Deferred rendering support


  • Flexible plugin architecture
  • Sound: OpenAL, FMOD and FMODEx
  • Physics: Newton, ODE and PhysX
  • Support for many input devices (e.g. SpaceNavigator, WiiMote)


  • Completely programmed in C++
  • Well structured and understandable code due to strictly object oriented design
  • Advanced reflection-, component- and plugin-systems making PixelLight highly flexible, portable, modular and quite universal
  • Flexible scene graph system which makes it easy to create even very complex scenes
  • Sophisticated application framework enabling you to “just start” quickly with your application development


  • Autodesk 3ds Max export plugin that can export whole scenes with nodes, meshes, materials and even morph targets with just one click

Documentation and examples

  • Detailed documented code with explanations of parameters and return values, examples and notes
  • A lot of sample applications



Pixel Light Youtube Video Channel

Thanks SlickMcRunFast for submitting those great news to LGN.

Hello !

Finally LGN found a new home under the roof of .
Pheonton has offered us this opportunity to regain the wordpress freedom that LGN missed.
If something would happen to this server LGN could always move back – but as we now have an official domain names : and you should always find the correct website.

In case you missed the old theme or just don’t like the new theme, I’ve made a poll – vote and be heard !

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.

The Polish GNU/Linux game reseller Wupra games announced that if you buy 2 GNU/Linux games, you will get to choose the third game for free.

Among the games you can get for free are :
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Neverwinter Nights: Diamentowa Edycja
Postal: 10th Anniversary
Saga Goblins
Unreal Antologia

Just write in the order comment which game you wish to get for free.
Note that some games are in Polish only, for more clarification read here or email Wupra.

This promotion runs from 13 to 31 August 2010

Wupra Announcement
LGN Wupra article

I’ve just heard from the Facebook LGP group that a new gaming giveaway will be held from the 23 to the 25 this month on Tweeter and .

Right, so, obviously this is long overdue, and I take the blame for that, been too easily distracted. But now it’s time. giveaways was obviously the most popular choice at 65% of the votes, so that’s what we’re going to do. For those of you that don’t already follow us, now would be a great time to do so. We’re LGP on and L_G_P on twitter. We’re going to be running a retweet giveaway this following Monday, the 23rd, ending on Wednesday the 25th at around 18:00 CET. We will draw one random winner that will be given a free copy of a downloadable LGP game of his or her choice (our current downloadable titles are: X²: The Threat, X³: Reuinion, Sacred: Gold, Jets’N’Guns, Ballistics, Majesty: Gold, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor).

If you have any input, suggestions or questions for me, feel free to ask them here in the comments, on IRC (Zero_Dogg in #lgp on, via or via e-mail (to eskild at the domain linuxgamepublishing dot com).

After writing and editing this post I’ve learned that GamingOnLinux has published those news first (he cheated by subscribing to the LGP RSS feeds and not using the regular slow Facebook way 😉 ).
Anyways after this contest GamingOnLinux will also have a contest in which you could win GNU/Linux games (probably LGP games) :

After this contest is over i will be running contests from our very own GamingOnLinux at least every 2 months to win LGP games in celebration of LGP no longer being silent :).
Other games i find will be offered now and then too.

I off-course wish LGP and GOL good luck.

LGP Post About The Event
LGP on
L_G_P on twitter
GOL Post About The Event And It’s Own Contest